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Reduce the number of damage or reject components on a Lathe workshop.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Machining ToolsYou can imagine if there is a company within one month of having a poor performance which increases component failure rate wuld be if you as an employee-led targets to vent you anger.If the problem component damage that occurs continuo usly companies will likely experiences subtantial losses.
Here I will provide a solution to prevent incidents like the above,especially for employees in a CNC Lathe workshop.

1.You have to really master the working drawings and if there is one measure that is not immediately obvious to the engineering report that there is improtement.
2.Check the components to be in the process in feasible in the process or not.Do not be until after the goods were not in accordance with the lenght of the image request.This is what is called the vacuum wring the sweat you work but the results riject or not in use.
3.If you are already making a fruit immediately report to the QC to ensure a good size dimensions.You can perform the next process if it is approved by the QC that the results were okay.
4.Perform periodic checks because usually insert would have worn if it is to produce goods in large quantities and if it is worn instead of the newer ones.
Because of the wear insert cause a difference in the size of a G Code program.Good luck and thank you.


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