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Know the various kinds of threads.

Friday, May 25, 2012

PhotobucketI think it's not perfect if you are a CNC Lathe operate did not understand the type of screw you definitely will be a mockery of your teammates.
By type there are two kinds of screw threaded screw mm and inches.But there are threads on a variety of shapes and each has adrantages.

1.Screw shaped triangle.Screw this kind we of ten encounter when we dismantle motorcycles and car.
2.Rectangle screw.Screw this type is frequently encountered in machine components.
3.Trapezoidal screw.Screw type frequently encountered in oil drilling equipment.As BOP components and tryconection.Actualy there are many types of thread,but my time is limited.If you want to add just means you havb a great soul.Thank you.


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