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Hard to process the workpiece in manual Lathe.

Monday, May 28, 2012

PhotobucketAs a lathe operated was supposed to be able to solve problem in the face when processing one time to process the workpiece is very hard.You do not need you become dizzy or even emotion.
Base on the experience to process the workpiece is hard requires high patience and can not be done hastily.Steps you have to do is:

1.Use the insert is still good and has a tips radiur of 0,5 mm.My suggestion wear insert having a good quality brand example Korloy.
2.Use a slow engine speed such as 300 rpm for the harden the workpiece chuck rotational speed slowed down as well.
Due the slow speed of insert wear that you use does not quickly broken or charred,and do not forget to always use water cooling.
It's based on my experience a time working PIN and BRACKET Komatsu's heavy equipment component.I remember when I was doing most of the components already in harden's status with HRC 50 and a bove.
Good luck and thank you.


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