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Want to quickly master the program CNC lathes, this is the secret.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CNC Lathe
Want to quickly master the program CNC lathes, this is the secret.
Any form of work is not difficult as long as we are serious and focused on the job.
One was a job to be a programmer of CNC lathes, we know that the CNC lathe machine could work because there is a command via the G code, M code and the command is make sure the lathe CNC machine programmer.
From the above conclusion, it is clear as well as any CNC lathe machine if no command G code and M code machine can not work and could not produce the goods may only make a display in the workshop.

Being a CNC lathe programmer is not difficult as long as we can understand what the meaning of the G code and M code, understood in the sense of not just memorize it.
Because in my opinion CNC lathe program was just over it, can say that repetitive motion so that the knife is on the machine can cut up the body.
One of the CNC program following example:
G00 X40.Z3.;
G77-20.F0.1 X40.Z;
G00 is a movement of the blade with a maximum speed of the machine.
Once there is the G77 command, then the blade is experiencing movement in which the initial movement at the start of the diameter of 40mm and in front of the work piece 3 mm shot to the left as far as 20 mm to 36 mm diameter deadline.
Here are some factors that need to be noticed if you want to quickly master programmer of CNC lathe machine.
-Must have the intention, in the sense you do not feel just a fad preformance learn cnc lathe programmer.
-Must often bereksperiment in creating a new program.
-Do not feel afraid when the engine in turn, for example, do not believe the results of the program that you created.
Must have a soul-engineering, I'm sure if you're just a hobby playing music would have been difficult in understanding the program CNC lathes, which you'll only feel dizzy head.
-Have a desire to move forward, we all know by now its time to use computers, what we might just be a manual lathe operator alone?
Surely you will laugh at your friends.
Thank you, hopefully useful for you, jiuka anyone has advice that is exactly what I expected, and if da who will criticize as well please because it is your right.


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