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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe some masterbloggers are already familiar with the term technorati and there is what in the world blogosphere technorati.I think the site directory technorati one of the most famous around the world.As a blog owner would feel proud if a blog that he can manage incoming list of top 100 technorati.But not that easy,many sites are already popular there,but there is no harm if we try to join in there who know your blog will become famous in the eyes of the world.For those who have not registered a blog on technorati,please register your blog there and immediately do the verification process.Based on my experience to the process of verifying the status of blogs that we list a little different to the process 2 years ago.That is we must make a new post in our blog and accompanied some random code that is given by the technorati through email.One example of a random code you can see the top under the title of this post.In the random placement of the code should be put at the beginning of the post in order to facilitate the process claim of a blog.Thanks hopefully useful for you.


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Already I had been registered but I can't found the difference. My site is not famous.

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Yes, absolutely you are correct. Technorati is a good site. It works well. Thanks for sharing.

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