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Register your blog to various directories, if necessary ..?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Register your blog to various directories, if necessary ..?
According to the myth that I have ever read in a variety of internet media, one of which could affect the large number of visitors is the Directory.
What exactly is a directory and what can I do, maybe that was still a beginner in the field of blogging is still not understood.
Let us learn together.
Directory information can be said tongue fitting into one of the various search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and many more.
Indirectly, for example our blog directory has been registered with the scheme, if there is to click on our web URL, it is clear the visitor will be directed to our blog.
In general, all the directories have an average traffict big enough and has the value of a high page-rank.
Many of the questions submitted by my friend, whether we'll get the blog back-links, if there are visitors from the directory.
Logically we can indeed blog back-links.
One directory is pretty phenomenal
After we add our blog over there, party technorati claim will give the token, and tokens in claim shall enter into a blog post with the aim of the verification process.
One token claim I ever get from technorati is NAG7Q4KT6EAK, maybe you have others please share your experience with me.


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