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Welding of aluminium and aluminium alloy.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

         After ferrous metal,aluminium(AL)and Al Alloys are most widely used for household articles,building materials,aircraf,rolling,stocks,ships,electric appliances,etc.
Pure Al is soft and has good elongation.Many types of all alloys have been developed to improve strenght, adding various elements and applying heat treatment.

         These can be devied into heat treated alloys and non-heat treated alloys.Heat treated alloys are strengthened by heat treatment such as quenching and tempering.Al-Cu type,Al-Mg-Si type,and AL-Zn--Mg type are heat treated alloys.Non-heat treated alloys have increased strength depending on the degree of cold working or by addition of alloying elements.
Pure Al type,Al-Mn type,Al-Si type,and Al-Mg type are non-heat treated alloys.
When welding aluminium alloy,the manufacturing processes of the materials must be checked in addition to simply the alloy type.
        Pure Al type,Al-Mn type ,and Al-Mg type(which are non-heat treated alloys)can be welded using electrodes of similar alloy composition with little difficulty.
Heat treated alloys are generally inferior in weldability:however,correct welding electrodes can help.Al-Mg-Si alloys often develop hot cracks when an electrode of similar alloy composition is used,so an Al-type electrode may be recommended.
         Al-Cu alloys often crack during welding,so welding is usually not performed.Al-Zn-Mg alloys are relatively easily welded when the content of Zn and Mg is adequate.
This material is widely used for rolling stock.


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