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Preparedness trial job in a company.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Machine tools
Preparedness trial job in a company.
A company must have a term trials of new jobs, whether the company is capable of doing or not.
Usually the work given by the average consumer it is difficult, even requiring a special technique.
As I experience this now, where my own work at a company making spare parts of heavy equipment.
Lately a lot of new jobs coming into the company where I work, and the coincidence of my own position as head of the line then my role is in need of the company.

Maybe blogger friends also suffer the same fate with me, please share your experience with me.
Okay, here are the steps that must be prepared to face trial work.!
  • Schedule, usually in this case concerns the starting job when the pilot and when the deadline given by the consumer.
In my experience, the time given on average very short, three days to one week.
  • Establishing time, this step is also required in the form of anyone who is involved in these trials do not work until the situation on the ground into a mess because of pilot jobs.
  • Tools, is also very important to discuss, not to work when running the tools that are needed do not support, such as those existing in the work process of the tap-tap-coincidence measure (M22x2.5) your company has not provided so you must buy these taps for the smooth working.
  • Cooperation, the latter may determine the success or failure in dealing with trial work, not until there is discord in the field, resulting in a chaotic atmosphere.
Thank you, Hope you can help you.


aldrix May 22, 2010 at 11:16 PM  

nice post . almost forget about this url blog. but still remind to the owner's blog. hope you will be okay sir. :)

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