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Lately, more and more work piled up and made me dizzy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lately, more and more work piled up and made me dizzy.
Maybe that's the correct phrase is that I want to say.
How not dizzy, my condition is now at the garage, but the job has a lot going from day to day jobs increasingly not stacked and my boss want to know, that she was thinking only of money, money, and money.

As an employee workshops that have a very minimal income, there must actually feeling happy because every day there must be working overtime, but if you walk for months what we would our physical strength?
Actually I have deepened during the field work at the garage is, CNC machine!
But my own at the workshop served as head of the line, so would not want to be able to finish the work that piled.
Already leading the men dizzy, plus longer have to set the schedule of a new job, you can not imagine!
Because of the workshop was too busy with work, my house so unkempt (blog), longed to protest to my superiors, but what power.
And yesterday we as a people held a meeting with the production, and the results were satisfactory, ie the component parts of lathe, cnc lathe and bending will shift gears to another workshop, and later on the workshop we will only assemble the components.
There may be willing to cooperate with us in the manufacture of heavy equipment components, PIN, Bushing, Welding, bending, plasma, can contact me anytime, and I am ready to help.
Thank you.


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