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Instantly learn about CNC lathe machine.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Instantly learn about CNC lathe machine.Today's all-powerful, versatile and multi computer online, as if humans are in the busy condition.Bigitu also, the world's workshop, we used to rely on manually operated machines, but is now fully automated, but there are good and some bad.

 If heavy equipment in a factory, workshop lathe and bending pipe for example, can absorb a lot of manpower, but after the presence of vending machines they are not very useful power, because the work robot is not human.Here I will share about my experience, a week ago when my head at the factory to give confidence to me, that I as head of the line had to master all the existing fields in the workshop is one CNC lathe, Milling, Grinding with a goal if an employee when there is I am new to guide them.Indeed, I admit, at first I mastered the field manual lathe.But if we have mastered the manual lathe, you will experience the ease in learning CNC lathe, because it does not need to learn about setting tools, introduction of insertions, only the programming that we must learn it.My own period of 2 weeks to run a CNC lathe, even the 2 brands that I can run at the same time, mazatroll, and darsin.Maybe there who have experience of CNC lathe, I hope to share with me.


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