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How to use the correct drill.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How to use the correct drill.
As a lathe and milling machine operator you must use the tools on this one, because this instrument has become a staple of the world's workshop.
Therefore you as a professional operator must understand exactly how to use it and how to take care not to damage the tools, due to your carelessness when using it.
Frankly a lot of my friends feel sorrow when sharpening drill, I wonder why my friends had trouble sharpening drill every day when my friends are always using the drill.

Yet as the main technique of our guns are tools, because the better the condition of the tools that we use will determine from the results we do.
Like a soldier going off to war, the soldiers already in the Arm of weapons by the commander, but if the soldiers could not use these weapons, what will probably win the war,small example.
Let me connect again, as the operator can not only use tools, care and sharpening should also be in charge of.
One of the only time we'll make a small hole and a large, we must understand, about how many times must we do when making holes serve targeted?
And must wear speed drill is not how to burn when in use, that's all we have to really understand.
Here's my experience on the drill bit.
-When we are harder to process objects that do not ever use a high speed, because high speed is only in use when processing soft objects.
-When the drill, use with water cooling water for cooling the drill will be durable or not quickly charred.
-When you make a small hole in the allowed to do once the process and use high speed, but if you make a big hole use a slow speed and do it more than once the process.
For example you will create a hole 50 mm, 30 mm drill wear first, then use a drill size of 50 mm, which clearly aims to mitigate the direct power and if the drill with 50 mm what happened?
Possibility you will feel the weight, and more severe engine that you can use to drill the wheels fall off his teeth.
Thank you, hope you are helped or you may want to supplement this article please that was what I expected.


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