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How to safely make a bushing with a very thin size.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to safely make a bushing with a very thin size.
If you work as a lathe and CNC lathe operator must be familiar with the work that shaped bushing, but the bushing has a very thin size, but we know increasingly thin workpieces that we face the risk of getting too big.
I wonder what you do if you get the task of the workshop foreman for a bushing with a thin size and precision?

If you said I was not able to work, you must feel proud and what you may pretend to be sick to get rid of these tasks?
Here I'll help you if a problem like this, please refer to the good at.
= The thin workpieces greater level of risk to process, I mean you have to take into account sharp steps.
= Can the system on a lathe cut, meaning you must use a rather long object, then if the size has finished you can do pieces on the machine by using the insert piece, it proved to be very powerful because it can prevent the change in size.
= When the process was in progress, use of cooling water so that its size has not changed, this problem often occurs on my friend, this time he made the 21910th-type bushing, and the processing center does not use cooling water, eventually after the objects created so and then scaled back in checks by Quality Controlled,from the QC said that the results are still repair, because of its size has not met the desired standards.
= I have a notion might be that time again workpiece expands, so when it cools back to its normal size, after this new friend of mine to follow my suggestions.
Thank you.


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