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Tips to prevent harsh results when the process of manual lathe.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tips to prevent harsh results when the process of manual lathe.
If you have a lathe operator by profession, would you ever have trouble lathe process in progress.
Maybe you will face things like that I have to say below:
-The results you get rough, maybe something like this from the insert effects are you using, maybe it was worn, or it was time to change.

If this happens, quick-quick insert a new request to the head of your line.
-When the buzzing sound occurs, this usually occurs because the condition is less balanced holder workpiece size, or perhaps fitting holder lathe too long so that when the lathe running occurs flexibility.
If the buzz, you have to change the size holder you use, the size of 30 millimeters 50 millimeters in size locker.
Here precision is required, if you've changed but still occurs holder buzzing, trying to change the position holder with little in the way shorten, so that looks strong and sturdy.
-Oh yes, the problem is the influence radius of the insert on the lathe as well, usually a rather large radius such as 0.5 millimeters, the radius of the insert of this type usually used for the roughing process and if the radius of the insert which tend to be smaller in size in use for the finishing process.
Maybe that's all the things that should be on notice when there are problems with the lathe, there might be something that would complement my expectations, and if anyone would criticize it as well please because you are right.


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