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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Privacy Policy.
Blogs that I make this just a learning tool for anyone who wants to seek insight into the techniques of welding and techniques lathe.
All contents of this blog purely from my experience and there is no element of copy paste from another blog, because I really hate to copy and paste.

I am very happy if anyone wants to share my experience with the lathe, CNC lathe, because I myself am a lathe operator manual and CNC lathes.
Probably for that reading this article feel less understand what I explain through the post, I apologize for that was what I could and I could be less in a way with words.
I am very glad if any of my articles are complete, indeed I hope that's coming, and if anyone would publish again too please, provided that comply with applicable regulations to include the original source.
Bekasi .28-March-2010


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