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Operational standard for lathe work.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Operational standard for lathe work.
If you have a hobby lathe work, perhaps the term SOP is not working probably weird for tone.
In this article I will describe some standard operating procedures that should be on notice a work lathe.
Why should note, is clearly not to damage the material in bulk.
Okay, straight course.

  •  Before you start the move it would be nice to breafing, because the communication breafing will occur between the operator and the head line.
So if you're having trouble, you can make in the event this breafing, who know the head-line you can help.
  •  Before processing the workpiece, you should check the condition of the material to be in the process, who know there is a problematic dimension.
This sort of thing seem trivial, but if not the notice will bring a very serious impact, namely mass destruction.
  •  Then you must understand the meaning of the image given the head-line, if you ask the less obvious your boss, the head-line supervisors or, lest you are not clear but the work process.
  • Check your gauge, if it is suitable to be used, or is damaged.
I say not in terms of damaged broken, but in worn condition, if this happens ask the gauge is still precision.
  • Once you get the 1 seed, report to the Quality control, whether appropriate or not the standard image, even this step greatly reduces the occurrence of material damage, such as size relieved.
Maybe all of me, if there are willing to complete this article, it is my hope, thank you.


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