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Know types of welding wire.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Know types of welding wire.
In the world of welding, so many kinds of welding wire which each wire welding has a function and advantages.
As a lathe operator, welding technique is also very important and should be especially good at using chisel sharpening, because chisels sharpening at holder be stuck with the way in welding with brass.

  • Welding electrode system, this system is my favorite because to master these techniques require special tricks.
One example of iron welding with welding wire branded LB 52U, welding wire this one was very nice to connect the metal because it is very strong, perhaps comparable steel.
But to learn is also very difficult, because when the welding wire on when it must also be exhausted, meaning do not turn off welding wire that is lit when the process was not finished connect.
In my experience, if this happens we will trouble to turn it on again.
Welding wire is usually in use in the connection pipes of gas, oil drilling, and the pipes that have very high pressure.
  • Further destruction model welding wire, welding wire is very simple to use in comparing LB 52U, usually in use on the machines or tools that anti-body machine electric stun.
Maybe you want to complete this article, that's my hope, and if anyone would criticize it as well please because you are right.


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