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Introduction to the lathe insert.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Machining Tools
Introduction to the lathe insert.
After posting here to discuss micrometers now I'm trying to discuss which type of insert has a good quality.
As a lathe operator, you should understand what is really insert if appropriate to process the workpiece because the insert itself consists of various types and brands.
Do not insert wasteful, expensive better but can be durable in use for long periods but cheaper than 2 hours insert worn condition, do not.
According to my experience with the insert is a good quality branded korloy, because the insert is resistant to impact, heat resistant and suitable in use for working the workpiece types SBMA, S455C and others.

Size produced very good, precision, fine, and that makes me happy is the workpiece rainbow arise.
Even PIN matrial was at Harden can insert KORLOY processed with it, and needs to be remembered even if the insert good condition but cooling water must be preserved, not to not use the cooling, because it will shorten the age of the insert.
Maybe there who want to share my experience with the lathe techniques, be happy that's what I expected.


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