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How to sharpen the right drill.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to sharpen the right drill.
Drill is a very equipment needed for the lathe, but there are also lathe operator who can not hone drill correct, for example, my own friend.
I have good friends about lathe work but when I send to hone drill he felt confused, this sort of thing should not happen to you.
In war, the weapon is very decisive defeat of winning a war.
Instead of weapons lathe affairs also affect the results of the work.
Keep in the know, the real world weapons lathe very much, but I will discuss about the ins and outs and how to hone drill right.
During the 6 years I have engaged the lathe, so the question is almost drill brand all type drill I never use, for example, branded drill: Nachie, HSS,Bohlers, Ultra tool and much more.
Then drill how to hone the right, in terms of shape drill There are 2 kinds of drill left and right but the way drill hone drill not much different, the head of the sharp drill be higher than the body drill.

Problem slope, the point should have the same slope or angle can say the same of the average drill for example has 40-degree angle.
If you've honed angle slope drill but not the same, I believe that the results obtained do not fit drill size, because it lame when drill drilling process, is not.
Okay, so from my experience, if anyone would share technical subtleties in lathe please share with me.
Thank you.


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