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Classification of welding processes and general of arc welding.

Monday, March 8, 2010

WeldingWelding can be classified as either a fusion welding process,pressure welding process or brazing process.
  • Fusion welding process:Treated base metals and filler metals are melted together using heat from at an electric arc,burning gas and other heat sources.
  • Pressure welding process:Solid metal is softened by heat and pressed together.
  • Brazing/soldering process:Alloy metal with a much lower melting point than base metal is placed in a molten state between base metals.
Although welding methods utilizing arc energy were most widely used in the past welding with other types of energy is becoming increasingly routine.
Next,general of arc welding.

Arc welding use an electric arc as the source of heat to melt and join metals.The welding arc is generated between the tip of an electrode and the work piece(base metal).The heat of arc (5.000-8.000)melt the base metal and welding consumable to produce the weld metal.
The micro structure of a weld metal is markedly different from that of base metal as shown.The difference in micro structure related from not only its chemical composition,but also its thermal and mechanical histories of base metal and weld metal.It is necessary to weld carefully to meet the character in the weld metal,base metal,and weld consumable.
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