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Advantages of using dies for milling work.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Advantages of using dies for milling work.
If you as a milling operator you will definitely feel tired at the number of components to process very much, and would feel dizzy if the targets in time you give head very short lines.
Maybe we all know, the workshop racing each other to get a new job for the sake of continuity of the activities in the workshop.

But usually, when a number of job offers a lot, giving the target consumers very short time, do things like that are used for business.
By reason of competition in the marketplace, where a workshop capable of producing significant amounts of time and achieved a very brief,or very cheaply these workshops which will be the winner in the struggle for a new job, right?
I am writing this article inspired by yesterday's events in my garage where the garage a week ago we got a new job numbers and the number is much engine nearly all the elements involved Lathe, Milling, Welding, Bending, CNC lathe and even contribute for the sake of fighting over the job.
Here I will only discuss for the job milling, milling time the employee is very limited but the task must be accomplished so much.
Here the operator must take a stance milling a mile, about what should we be prepared?
-First you must be prepared to work overtime.
-If you need to master the proposal to add a new machine, because with increasing milling machine will help.
-If the job is only the plate-shaped plate, you have to make dies, it dies because you will feel the effects of these dies.
In my experience, for example one takes pcs 5 minutes, but if you use you can process the dies 20 pcs. at once, how practical is not.
Maybe you have experience about the process of milling, please share your experience with me.


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