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Reduce the number of damage or reject components on a Lathe workshop.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Machining ToolsYou can imagine if there is a company within one month of having a poor performance which increases component failure rate wuld be if you as an employee-led targets to vent you anger.If the problem component damage that occurs continuo usly companies will likely experiences subtantial losses.
Here I will provide a solution to prevent incidents like the above,especially for employees in a CNC Lathe workshop.

Avoid accidents when operating machines CNC Lathe and CNC milling.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A CNC lathe and CNC milling machine that is reliable because it's capable of doing the work piece is precision in a short time.
PhotobucketCNC Lathe and CNC milling are now to be exellentn in every coompany because the system works will be in the count,but can also belife unplug the machine or machine carriers operate unfortunate that the wrong way.
Below are the things that you notice you,espicially if you are a builder of CNC Lathes.

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